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Monday, May 18, 2009

Report, Malaysia and Gym

Office a.k.a Lab

Chapter Ash-Shu'araa
"Who created me, and it is He Who guides me; (78) "Who gives me food and drink (79) "And when I am ill, it is He Who cures me; (80) "Who will cause me to die, and then to live (again); (81) "And Who, I hope will forgive me my faults on the Day of Judgment… (82) O my Lord! Bestow wisdom on me, and join me with the righteous; (83) "Grant me honourable mention on the tongue of truth among the latest (generations); (84)

Today, at last, I just finished writing my report which I targeted to finish last Friday. Fuh. Lega. I have sent the report to my supervisor. now it is up to him to judge my report. Since all of them (ramai tuh supervisor) are not here, not sure where they go, may be attending conference I think, never mind, I just waiting for him to reply my email. To be exact, the report is prepared in 20 days, actually 1 month but because not included Saturday and Sunday that why counted as 20days only. And contains 18 pages with 75K characters. Haha banyak tu.

Now, even though the report has been submitted, I still have to proceed with a new task. The task is actually an old plan, and it was planned last month. But since the report needs to be submitted first, the analysis task is delayed. Anyway after one month, I need a new motivation to start a new job. Well, to be frank, the task is not really easy. But I need to make sure that the report will be received by my supervisor at the end of Jun. Pray for that. Aminnnnnnnnn......

This picture is nothing to do with my report. Taken by me when I visited my fren in Scotland last April.

As written in the FB, I'm still waiting for the 'thing'. Not so sure when the 'thing' is ready to be picked up. Maybe tomorrow or maybe next week. If the 'thing' not arrive by this week, then I need to call or email the person. After all, I still not paying anything for the 'thing' yet. But, a bit worry about other 'thing' inside that 'thing'.


In extension to the 'thing'. Last week, I sent a letter to Malaysia. Have a couple of minutes conversation with Hairul this morning. He did mentioned that the letter I sent last week is not arrive yet. Again, he needs to wait for tomorrow. If not, then I need to send the letter again this Thursday. Hairul also told me that he won Silver medal for the ITEX' 09 last Saturday. The other team member from FSKTM received Gold. Anyway, it is not too late for me to congratulate to them. This year our team, my team actually, not submitting anything for ITEX'09. The last medal won by us was MTE'09. Gold medal too. Since I'm not there, it is better not to send any. Will try again after I have finished my mission here. That is an excuse actually ..hehehe. the real truth is I don't have any project to sent for ITEX'09. :)


The gym was full today, not as usual. Since last Saturday, my back and shoulder are still pain. Don't know what happen. Maybe because of the new exercise. Actually, I'm not used to have that exercise. People used to call it as a Dips exercise. For those who want to focus on Trisep, shoulder and chest. This exercise is not really hard, but to do this exercise, we have to make sure that we can do at least 20-30 times of push up first.


To add some more stories, today, my office mate is discharged from hospital (betul ke discharged?). But I can see, he is not really recover from the symptom. Anyway. I just pray for his wellness. If he read this, I'm not intend to write about you. But because I want you to cure that why I'm writing this. If you can understand this. Then you have cured. :). Alhamdullilah.

For the final story, I just received email from Zana. I'm not sure whether the email is right or not. Here is the content.

Calling all "Chocoholics" - An offer too good to ignore..!

PJ Hilton is offering their 1 KG chocolate cake for RM25++ as a celebration of their 25th anniversary. Normal price of their cakes is RM65++. You may call 79559122 and ask for their coffee house Paya Serai to make the order 2 days in advance. Offer valid till 31st May 2009.

No joke! Just book one

If the contents are true, then office mate at FSKTM can start calling PJ Hilton.
Anyway, for those who are interested to have a chocolate cake. Make a booking now. 12 days to go before 31st of May 2009.
Sebenarnya aku yang nak...hehehe. Kalau boleh post bagus a..bleh gak aku makan.

That all for today. Cheers. Assalamualaikum.


  1. haloo... dah lama ek wat blog..heheh..letak le chatbox

  2. salam~

    keep on blogging en. Bad so tat people can see d different side of u n ur updates,for sure..hehe... ;)

  3. well a good start for you!
    be brave and sail away your thoughts here!

  4. Bard!! Welcome to the club! :-) keep blogging

  5. slamat terjerumus ke dunia blogging yg lara hahaha! jgn hangat2 tahi kambing dah ok? jd cam geng2 bloggers tegar yg lain hehe