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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ireland - Plymouth

7 April 2009

Jauh permandangan luas pemandangan
Sumber: Pepatah Melayu

From Edinburgh to Ireland

My journey this time continued with the second exploration on two countries, Northern Ireland and Republic of Irelands. The journey started on the morning of 7th of April 2009. From Edinburgh, Scotland, we went straight to a port called Stranrear. The port is located at the West of Scotland (I think) and take about 2 hours drive from Edinburgh. The journey then continued from Stranrear to Belfast. Using a ferry, the journey took about 3 hours to arrive at Belfast port. From there, again, Khairul has to drive for another 3 hours with almost 120miles from Belfast port to the City of Dublin. On the day, once arrived, we just went straight to the hotel. Nothing we have done that night. Just have a good sleep and wait for a new journey tomorrow.

This picture is actually taken around Edinburgh. Not Dublin or Ireland.
From left Badrul, Afiq and Anas

8 April 2009

Went around Ireland for the whole day. Not much I can tell.

9 April 2009

On the 9th April, we went back to the Plymouth. From Dublin port to Holyhead port, the ferry took about 5 hours. Longer time compare to the previous journey. Again, from Holyhead to Plymouth, Khairul has to drive for almost another 10 hours. In between, we stopped by at Liverpool. Actually not stop by but intentionally plan to go there. At night, we arrived at Plymouth around 9.30 pm

Also taken around Edinburgh. Not so sure where is the place exactly
From left: Anas, Afiq and Badrul

ps: no picture taken at Ireland composed yet. Will update later. No time.

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